The Co-Founders of The #1 Carnivorous Plant Retailer Run By Kids!!!


CEO, Plant grower, Wholesale orderer, CP expert

Josh is a boy who LOVES playing soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo, fishing, gardening, and playing Music! He supplies some of our amazing plants and grows them by propagation and seeds and built the website during lockdown in 2021.


Plant grower, Customer contact agent, Junior CP expert

Jett supplies some of our amazing plants and tends to our customers. He helps edits parts of our website and edits/creates some of our YouTube videos. He helps with promoting our website/business.


Business Analyst

Arran is good at coming up with new interesting ideas for the website and keeps a steady head with the other boys. He helps the boys stay in check and helps with inspiring the whole team.


Statistics Calculator

Bryce is essential in keeping our business going and helps with ideas and data calculations.