Our business is run by four twelve year old kids, Josh, Jett, Arran and Bryce. All our plants are grown in Rozelle and Lilyfield, so we can get them to you alive and healthy. The idea first started around a year ago, as our love of plants and Coding at school started combining. We thought it would be cool to make a company selling carnivorous plants, but we didn’t really do anything about it until 2021. We had to make an app in Coding that was about saving the environment and so we thought, ‘why not make an app about carnivorous plants’. We called the app “ Hungry  Garden” - save the world, one bug at a time! Later that day, we came up with the idea of actually making a website, so Josh set to work designing and building it. It was a slow process, and Arran, Jett and Bryce didn’t hear about it until 6 months later when he said that it was almost ready! Covid lockdown certainly gives you more time to do things like this! Over this time Josh had also been propagating carnivorous plants. When Josh showed us, we were amazed!  We worked together on the final touches, and before we knew it, our website was online! Now we have hundreds of plants and are hoping to keep this business afloat until we are adults! We have sold lots of plants, and have created our own YouTube channel. We hope to help more people learn about these fascinating plants. Making this website has helped us work as a team even better, and we’ve had to put our skills to the test and problem solve as we go. That’s been a good challenge in lockdown! We hope that together, our company will live forever. It has been a great experience, going into the world of business, and we think that more kids should be able to experience it too.